Bucs' secondary gets toughest test with Manning and Broncos

7:57 PM, Nov 28, 2012   |    comments
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Sunday could be open season for Peyton Manning against the last ranked passing defense in the NFL. Of the 18 touchdowns the Bucs have given up this season, 9 have come through the air, 3 of which went for eighty yards or more.

"We have some young guys who aren't too experienced so we are just kind of playing our hand as we feel is best," said Bucs' Head Coach Greg Schiano. "The best thing we can do when you have a bunch of guys very similar in experience is make sure none of them are out there tired."

Tampa Bay's secondary has been torched on the deep ball this season, which inconveniently for the Bucs has been Manning's calling card. The Broncos' quarterback is leading the league in passes of 25 yards or more.

"I've really have been looking forward to this, it's Peyton Manning," said Defensive Tackle Gerald McCoy. "Arguably I think he's the best (QB) to ever do it."

" It's going to be a group effort to stop him, he's one of the few that has the ability to do what he does, so it's going to be a group effort," said Defensive End Da'Quan Bowers.

Even former Manning teammate Dallas Clark, has a hard time putting a finger on how to stop the Future hall of famer.

"If you give them a few code words and a few things here or there, then thats all they are looking for, then your'e forgetting to play football," said Clark in response to giving the Bucs' defense insight on Manning's techniques. "The main thing I tell them is to stick to your game."

Manning is 2-0 lifetime against the Bucs, so if they do manage to get by the Broncos, it won't only be their first time they've beaten Manning, it will also mark the first time they've won four straight regular season road games in franchise history.







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