Florida sees good holiday shopping season, not great

4:58 PM, Dec 26, 2012   |    comments
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Tallahassee, Florida - Let the after-Christmas sales begin.

Shoppers are heading to stores hunting for irresistible deals and they will find some, according to the Florida Retail Federation.

Spokesman John Fleming says you can expect retailers to continue their discounts this week as shoppers redeem gift cards.

Fleming says it looks as though stores are having a good holiday season, but not a great one. A national report indicates the holiday shopping season ticked up slightly but fell short of expectations.

Last month, the Florida Retail Federation predicted a five percent increase in holiday sales. That would have translated into $58 billion of spending by Floridians.

"We're going to be very close to that. There are some national numbers coming out now just really early that shows sales for some retailers nationally were not as good as expected. I think we're going to be bucking that trend a little bit here in Florida because we've traditionally done a little bit better than the rest of the nation as far as retail goes," said Fleming.

Holiday gift cards have dramatically changed holiday shopping over the past decade. Fleming says retailers record those sales when the cards are redeemed, not when they're sold.

"There's going to be a lot of great sales going on this week and next week through New Year's Day really for you to redeem those gift cards and get some great prices. So holiday shopping has really gone into January now. We're going to look at holiday shopping through January to see how we did overall."

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