Passengers of Southwest flight 4695 make it to Tampa after plane skids off taxiway in NYC

6:07 PM, Dec 27, 2012   |    comments
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This Southwest Airline Boeing 737 went off the taxiway at Long Island MacArthur airport on Dec. 27, 2012. (credit: Image via CBS 2)


TAMPA, Fla. - More than 100 passengers safely made it to Tampa International Airport Thursday afternoon after their Southwest Airlines jet skidded off the taxiway at Long Island MacArthur Airport.

None of the 129 passengers on Southwest flight 4695 reported any injuries, but it took more than five hours to get them onto a new plane bound for Tampa.  Around 3:15 - six hours after they were originally scheduled to land - the passengers disembarked at Tampa International.

The FAA hasn't indicated if weather was a factor in the incident, but passengers said the pilot of the Boeing 737 jet was apologetic for "taking a turn too wide" on the taxiway. 

At 6:22 a.m., the pilot radioed in to air traffic control, telling the tower, "We just made your day very exciting."  The plan was to lift the plane and tow it back to the hangar, according to the FAA.

But the passengers - mostly New Yorkers coming down for vacation - were surprisingly upbeat upon landing in Tampa.  Many complimented how Southwest Airlines handled the situation, trying to provide updates and refreshments in Islip while they waited for a new plane.

CBS News wires contributed to this report

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