Police: Teen drugs parents' milkshake to get around Internet curfew

1:24 PM, Jan 3, 2013   |    comments
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A strawberry milkshake. Photo courtesy the Detroit Free Press

ROCKLIN, Calif. (KXTV) -- A California teenager and her friend are facing some serious charges after allegedly slipping the girl's parents a mickey because she felt their Internet curfew was unfair.

According to Lt. Lon Milka with the Rocklin Police Department, the daughter secretly put her friend's prescription sleeping medicine into her parents' milkshakes. The parents detected a strange taste after drinking about a quarter of the spiked beverages, but they had consumed enough for the drugs to take effect. Both passed out within an hour, allowing the girl and her friend to use the Internet freely after her 10 p.m. curfew.

"They woke up about one in the morning, they had hangover-like symptoms and they felt really groggy, had a headache, went back to sleep," Milka said. "They felt the same way the next morning, so they felt something was strange."

The parents felt the incident was so strange that they went to a Rocklin police station and bought a drug test kit, which parents often buy to make sure their children aren't using drugs. In this case, however, they used the test on themselves.

After the parents got the results, they brought their daughter to the police station. 

When the situation was discussed, the daughter and her friend were arrested and booked into Placer County Juvenile Hall on charges of willfully mingling a pharmaceutical into food and conspiracy. 

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