Motorcross track disturbs peace and quiet in Dade City neighborhood

6:55 PM, Jan 3, 2013   |    comments
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Dade City, Florida -- One local community has had enough of a motorcross track in their neighborhood that is just simply too loud. 

Residents are now asking the county to step in and make owner Chad Reed put the brakes on the track, which is located off Duck Lake Canal Road in Dade City.

The international motorcross star first built the 4-acre dirt track in 2004 and eventually expanded it to over 24 acres and ever since, neighbors hear the sounds of one to five motorcycles using it. They even sometimes hear the sounds of go carts, which illegally use the track.

Now complaints have mounted and even taken the form of a signed petition.

The Pasco County Zoning Administrator tells 10 News there is probable cause to have the agreement revoked due to the hours of usage, the expansion to go carts and its weekend use. The issue is up for public hearing next month.

Efforts to reach out to Reed, which included contacting his attorney's office, were unsuccessful.

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