Pregnancy risks, red flags that your kids have the flu

3:02 PM, Jan 11, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, FL -- The recent flu outbreak has claimed the lives of 20 people, all under the age of 18. 

Recognizing the symptoms can sometimes be tough. Looking for red flags can save your child's life: difficulty breathing, getting better and then sick again -- which is a sign that a second infection has set in -- refusing to drink, and extreme fatigue. If they don't perk back up, get them to the doctor.    

And for moms-to-be, the flu can lead to other health problems. 

"When mom gets ill, they can get pneumonia," Professor and Chair of Pediatrics at USF Health Dr. Patricia Emmanuel said. 

She recommends pregnant women get a flu shot to prevent getting infection. She also suggests pregnant women with young children be extra vigilant about wiping down surfaces and washing their hands to prevent infection.

Watch 10 News Anchor Heather Van Nest's full interview with Dr. Emmanuel.

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