It's flu season, be aware of the top 5 "germiest' objects people touch

11:40 PM, Jan 11, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, FL-- Getting sick is an unfortunate fact of life, and worldwide, millions of people will come down with the flu. 

Contact with everyday objects that people with the flu have touched is the way it's spread. 

Touch a contaminated phone? FLU. 

Touch a contaminated computer mouse or keypad? FLU.

Touch a contaminated bathroom door? FLU.

And these objects are the ones people usually mention first, but the list of germiest objects people touch, compiled by AARP, may surprise you.

What's number one? A restaurant menu. 

Second? Restaurant lemon wedges.

Third? Condiment dispensers. 

Fourth? Restroom door handles.

And finally, the fifth germiest objects are soap dispensers.

So, what did people who just left a restaurant guess?

"Door knobs. I've heard that," said one man.

"There's not too many public telephones around, but those that are, I wouldnt touch," said restaurant-goer Marsha Andrews.

The flu spreads through direct contact, touch something, then touch your face, and you've got the flu.

And coughing and sneezing are real culprits as well.

In the video above, a special doll imitates the projection of germs expelled when coughing of sneezing, and special lighting reveals just how far germs are ejected from the body.

Keep these things in mind when you come in contact with friends, family members and even co-workers hacking away.

Still, the best advice from doctors to keep the flu at bay is good old fashioned hand washing. During peak flu periods, it's your best and cheapest defense.

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