Memorial held for dog killed in hit-and-run

10:34 PM, Jan 19, 2013   |    comments
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ST. PETERSBURG, Florida - Police in St. Petersburg continue to search for the person who ran down a dog with their car. Meanwhile, a memorial was held today for the beloved pet.

On Monday morning, a neighbor says they watched a driver in a blue 4-door sedan behind 3rd Avenue North run down the 12 to 14 pound dog. The witness told police the driver was speeding.

A 5-year-old Jack Russell Terrier by the name of Snoopy was killed.

Paul Alves says Snoopy somehow managed to get out of his backyard and into the alley after he let him out to do his business.

Pet Angels Cemetery in Pinellas Park heard about Snoopy's death and donated their services to cremate him. They even held a memorial service in his memory.

Alves wants justice for his pet and says he has no idea why anyone would want to kill his dog. He says, "If you're willing to do this to somebody's beloved pet, how far are you willing to go to do this to someone's beloved child?"

A $1,500 reward is being offered in the case for information leading to an arrest. Investigators say a security camera captured images of the vehicle that ran down the dog.

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