Jamaal Jenkins arrested in Louisiana

11:23 PM, Feb 8, 2013   |    comments
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"We said we'd get him and we did."

The Pinellas County Sheriff shows off the arrest picture of double murder suspect Jamaal Jenkins. US Marshalls busted him outside New Orleans, sitting on his apartment porch.

Marshalls got a hot lead when Jenkins used a cell phone to call a number they were monitoring and went to that address.

"Somebody matching that description of Jamaal Jenkins was there, had moved into the apartment, and was seen sitting regularly on the porch. At that point, they took him into custody," said Pinellas County Sheriff John Gualtieri.

Jenkins had been on the run for a month after cops say he shot and killed his girlfriend 24-year-old Destynee Burkes execution style at the La Quinta Inn on 34th Street North in St. Pete.  A week later, cops say he then murdered Tieyannie Hollis at the Mariner's Point apartments.

Jenkins said he would never go back to jail, and that he would take others out with him, but he was caught off guard and marshalls took him into custody without violence.

"This is Jamaal Jenkins, where he sits handcuffed in Meterie, Louisiana," said Gualtieri.

Jenkins sits in a Louisiana jail with no bond.  


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