Restaurant Red Alert: Caddy's received critical health violations a second time

11:56 PM, Feb 13, 2013   |    comments
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SUNSET BEACH, Florida -- Popular spot Caddy's on the Beach is in trouble with health inspectors once again.

Back in June, 10 News visited Caddy's after it received 23 critical violations. Management said at the time that food safety was a top priority, and that all issues would be taken care of.

Now, 10 News has learned that Caddy's is dealing with 34 new violations, 11 considered high priority, on the restaurant's January 14 inspection.

Problems listed in the state records include temperature violations, employees not washing their hands after working with raw food, a mold-like substance or slime in the ice chute, and small flying insects in the bar area.

A second follow up inspection is expected in the coming weeks.

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