Boil water alert hits Tampa restaurants hard, ABC Pizza stays open

1:03 AM, Feb 23, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida-- Friday night is big business at ABC Pizza in Tampa, and the boil water alert issued earlier makes a busy night even more chaotic.

"The aggrevation part, yeah, that just adds to a Friday night, but it's worth it," says shop owner, George Fotopolis.

Fotopolis had to jump on the situation early to ensure the safety of his customers.

"We went out and bought ice; we're using bottled water for everything. As for making our coffee, our tea- unfortunately, we cant do that right now, so we're selling it in the can," said Fotopolis.

Most customers at the restaurant Friday night knew about the water alert, and thought twice about eating out.

"My wife asked if we should even eat out, and I said we're getting a pizza or nothing," said David Housefield.

Some customers even brought their own bottled water, erring on the side of caution.

"The waitress asked us if we wanted something to drink, I said 'No, actually, we brought our own water, just bring us some cups and we don't want any ice'," said Housefield's wife.

The situation is the same for all businesses that serve food and drinks within the city limits.

As a result, Publix supermarkets shelves have been cleared. Affected businesses and the public alike all rushed to the stores in search of fresh water and ice. 

The boil water notice is no joke, and it doesn't just apply to humans either. 

Animal facilities in the city encourage residents to keep their pets in mind during this time. They, too, need clean drinking water, so make sure their bowls are full and fresh.

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