Doctors warn parents about the 'Molly' drug

7:02 AM, Feb 25, 2013   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, MN (KARE11) - Parents may want to listen more closely if they hear their kids talking about molly. 

She's may not be a new friend.  Your kids could be talking about a drug.

It's referenced in music, kids talk about it on Facebook, there are even t-shirts that say, "Have You Seen Molly?"

Molly is not a new drug.  It's ecstasy, rebranded and it's becoming more popular to take at parties and dances.

Those who sell it say it's a more pure form of MDMA, the chemical in ecstasy.  Experts say it's dangerous.

Molly, or MDMA, comes in the form of pills, often with characters on them. It can also be used in its white powder form.

It can be addictive.

Molly gives the user heightened, positive, senses causing a rush of serotonin to the brain.

A number of rappers refer to molly in their songs.

Madonna asked a crowd during a concert, how many had seen molly?

Hazelden Medical Director for Youth Continuum, Dr. Joseph Lee, said molly is a serious drug that can lead to high fever, seizures, suicidal thoughts, even death.

Lee said, "There's evidence now that molly can be neurotoxic, that it does damage the cells in your brain.  And people who have taken mollies for a long period of time tend to be more anxious and depressed than other people.  They have a hard time replacing their serotonin supply in a natural manner."

While molly is marketed as being more pure, Lee said sometimes people are actually given meth, or other drugs, instead.

Lee's advice to concerned parents is to be aware.  But he said also know it is impossible to keep on top of every new drug.  He said it's best to create the right kind of culture at home so your kids feel comfortable talking to you.

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