El-ez Lushaj reached speeds nears 120mph as his Hyundai Elantra accelerator got stuck

11:39 AM, Feb 28, 2013   |    comments
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A frightening situation for a Texas teenager as his car races down the highway out of control for more than 100 miles.

Flying down the highway at 120 miles per hour, the driver dodging cars and deputies, the teen behind the wheel isn't running from the law.

He called them for help.

9-1-1 operator:  "If you can just try neutral and make sure you are near a place where you can pull over."

Driver: " Yeah, I tried it won't go."

16-year-old, El-ez Lushaj  called 9-1-1 last December, claiming the gas pedal inside his 2011 Hyundai Elantra got stuck.

For nearly an hour and a half, dispatchers scrambled for solutions.

9-1-1 operator:  "It won't go into neutral.  He can't turn it off. The brake pedal won't work.

Deputies followed close behind.

Rockwall County Sheriff Deputy Tim Williamson said, "I probably got above 130 to catch him.  When I passed him, he was just kind of sitting there holding the hands, the steering wheel with both hands, not looking left, not looking right.  He was not doing any evasive maneuvers."

WFAA News contacted Hyundai about this incident.  In a statement, the company said, "We have heard nothing on this which is extremely odd for a legitimate complaint."

But, it's interested in seeing the car saying, "It would be extremely unlikely for simultaneous and spontaneous total system failures for the brakes, accelerator and transmission to occur at the same time."

After 113 miles, Lushaj lost control of the car.  It flipped nearly five times. 

Deputy Williamson pulled up to crushed metal with the teen was still alive.

Glad, we were able to help him out though; it could have been a lot worse if we didn't stay with him as long as we did.

The Lushaj family did not want to go on camera, but they have hired an attorney.

WFAA via CNN Newssource

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