Mom squad March 11th, 2013

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In this week's Mom Squad, a seven-year-old makes a diet list and was a 35-year-old pregnant, high risk mom bullied or bullheaded about a fifth c-section.

A mom in Australia found was walking through the room of her daughter and found a diet list.  On the list, were things the little girl allowed

herself to eat, like apples, yogurt and keewee.  The list then talks about doing pushups and riding her bike.  The mother was heartbroken and

told others her daughter talked about diet with another seven-year-old friend.  My first question to our Mom Squad: If a kid is talking about

eating healthy and working out, should there be alarm to that?  If there is a red flag, what do you think parents should do?  And do parents need

to do a better job of parenting what our kids see on TV, in magazines, in dolls or toys that are out there?


A 35-year-old mom is having her fifth child.  She had four c-sections, but for the fifth baby she wanted a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section). 

Her doctor is a well-established veteran of obstetrics and gynecology and only a handful of doctors in the nation who is doubly certified in genetics

and maternal fetal medicine.  He's also a huge supporter of VBACs.  After being past her due date, she developed gestational diabetes and also

failed her bio-physical test.  So, the doctor sent her an email, expressing the dangers of waiting to have her baby.  He even threatened police action

to come pick her up. She waited, felt she was bullied in the email and even shared the info in that email with national birthing blogs.  So, a week later

she finally had a c-section.  The doctor admitted the wording was wrong in the email...the mom admitted she felt like the doctor and hospital had

her best interests in mind when sending the email.    

So, was the mom bullied into a c-section, being bullheaded or both? If you think she was bullied by this doctor, then who should give moms warnings about

their health and the dangers of their baby if not a seasoned veteran in the field of obstetrics?

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