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Skydive City co-owner: Men's parachutes appeared to be working properly

10:04 PM, Mar 24, 2013   |    comments
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ZEPHYRHILLS, Florida -- A co-owner of Skydive City says the equipment of two men found dead on Saturday after a jump appeared to be working properly.

TK Haynes tells the Associated Press automatic devices with backup chutes were activated and the devices were out of their containers, but he says they didn't have time to inflate before impact.

Two skydivers from Iceland went missing on March 23, according to the Pasco Co. Sheriff's Office. Orvar Arnarson was an instructor, while Andrimar Pordarson was a student.

"We had about a dozen folks from Iceland here who brought some students over to train," said Haynes.

The deceased men were among a group of 22 others who jumped from a plane in Zephyrhills at around 10:30.a.m.

For some unknown reason, the duo became separated from the group.

"They were reported missing. Of course, other people from Iceland here were watching through their parachutes and nobody saw anything," said Haynes.

After an unfruitful search by fellow skydivers, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office was called in to help continue looking for the men.

"It was a little cloudy, so that's pretty normal. We see people land off the drop zone, maybe a bit to the south, and we just go pick them up," said Haynes.

Search teams discovered the bodies of the men in a heavily wooded area that surrounds a rock quarry on Yonkers Road a few miles away from Skydive City.

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