Controversial Gainesville pastor Doctor Terry Jones, known for burning Qurans, moving church to Bay area

6:54 PM, Mar 29, 2013   |    comments
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Doctor Terry Jones, pastor of the controversial Dove World Outreach Center, said via Skype he was definitely going to move to the Tampa Bay area.
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TAMPA, Florida -- The controversial Gainesville pastor whose church sparked international controversy said he is moving his ministry to the Bay area.

Doctor Terry Jones is best known for his anti-Islam message, which included wanting to burn the Muslim holy book, the Quran. That act led to days of unrest in Afghanistan two years ago.

Florida Pastor Terry Jones linked to deadly attack in Libya

The pastor said he doesn't know exactly where in the Bay area he will move the church, but he will be here this weekend to start searching for locations. 

"We're definitely going to move to the Tampa Bay area. There's no doubt about that," said Dr. Jones, in a Skype interview.

According to Jones, the re-zoning for his 20-acre property was just approved earlier this week so another church will soon take over that land. The pastor said he is very familiar with the Bay area and thinks it was be better for his church, Dove World Outreach Center, and his political organization.

"We're looking actually in the Tampa Bay area to greatly expand our work, continue to speak out on those issues as I said, radical Islam, same sex marriage, and abortion. We're looking at possibly getting involved in some kind of TV work," said Jones.

So, how do some Bay area residents feel about the upcoming move?

"He can re-locate to anywhere he wants, but I hope not in my neighborhood, cause it's very scary," said Riverview resident Tom Olumoyi.

Jones also has no plans of toning anything down. In fact, according to the pastor, this coming Sept. 11 he's planning a world-wide burning of nearly 3,000 Quarans right in the Bay area.

Quran book burning Pastor Terry Jones owns Tampa area home

"If he's a man of God, he shouldn't be disrespecting anybody at all," said St. Pete resident Ramon Nazario. "I won't be happy if he starts trouble. If he come in there with trouble. Cause you can't act  ignorant with people. Where does he think he's living at? He's making a big mistake."

Pastor Jones said wherever he moves, he invites anyone to check out the church.

"We feel that if people would really examine it, if they would look into what we actually say, that they would understand that our message is very valid and I would say very necessary at this time," said Dr. Jones.

Pastor Jones is hoping to be moved to the Bay area by the end of July.

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