Child murderer, Larry Eugene Mann, to die via lethal injection

6:42 AM, Apr 10, 2013   |    comments
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TARPON SPRINGS, Florida -- For 33 years, Larry Eugene Mann has avoided his date with death, but come Wednesday at 6 p.m., Mann will be strapped to a table and slowly injected with a poison. The death will be slow and terrifying. For Wanda Vekasi, it will be justice.

"At the execution, I would be really glad just to see him sweat. I know what he did to my niece," said Vekasi.

On November 4, 1980, 10-year-old Elisa Nelson was riding her bike to school, but never made it there. Mann abducted, assaulted, and killed her. The next day, search teams found her body dumped in an orange grove.

"I don't know what the overall picture is, but if there is a Hell, that's where he belongs," said Vekasi.

Vekasi finds comfort with her dog, Brinkley, as she looks through photos of Elisa from days gone by. Elisa loved the beach, and was loving and playful, which can clearly be seen in her pictures.

Wanda remembers the little girl who was full of life. "I want this to be about Lisa. Instead of his picture on the front page of the newspaper tomorrow, I would like it to be her picture. Let's make it about her, not him," she said.

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