Cub Scouts from Pack 119 shoot ping pong from PVC pipe cannon vaporizing watermelon

5:20 PM, Apr 28, 2013   |    comments
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DES MOINES, Iowa- Have you ever dreamed of vaporizing a watermelon with a ping pong ball?

That was the mission for a group of 10 and 11 year-old Cub Scouts near Des Moines, Iowa on Thursday.

Cub Scout pack 119 built a 10 foot long supersonic ping pong ball cannon made out of PVC pipe. Turns out, the experiment was much more powerful than expected.

The ping pong ball was clocked at over 880 miles an hour. That's faster than the speed of sound!

Photographer Paul Hickey used a high-speed camera, shooting at 400 frames per second to capture the action.

Take a look at the video to see what the ping pong ball did to the watermelon. The cub scouts spent the rest of the afternoon mopping up but did earn their engineering activity badge and a whole new appreciation for science.

Check out the photo gallery and read the full story from the Des Moines Register.

Des Moines Register

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