3 teens arrested threatened to create "chaos" at school

7:12 AM, May 4, 2013   |    comments
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Lakeland, Florida - Lakeland police charge three teenagers with conspiracy to commit murder for threats made against their school, Sleepy Hill Middle School.

Police say in April an observant school counselor spotted disturbing notes in one student's notebook and reported it to the School Resource Officer who launched an investigation. According to investigators, the threat stated the teens wanted to create "chaos" at their school.

Police say that notebook belongs to 13-year-old Zulamita Montalvo. Investigators identify Montalvo as the ring leader. Investigators say their search found Montalvo and the other teens to be obsessed with mass shooters such as the two Columbine teens.

Also arrested are 12-year-old Giselle Ocampo Mendoza and 13-year-old Nicholas Christakos. According to police, the teens researched extensively how to make a bomb with their planned target being the school lunchroom. 

Captain Greg Policastro says two of the teens were arrested several weeks ago. Montalvo is hospitalized under the Baker Act and is being psychologically evaluated and will be arrested once she is released. Policastro says the teens practiced Satanism and were out to hurt certain people.

The teens are charged with conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit aggravated battery and the construction of a destructive device.

Police say the teens had planned the attack but did not have the money to buy the materials needed. No date had been set for the attack.

Isabel Mascarenas

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