5th graders developing next clean energy source

4:21 PM, May 9, 2013   |    comments
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Bradenton, Florida - Retired engineer Edward Hashey and a few of his students are checking on one of their classes' latest projects.

The 5th grade students at Bradenton's Wakeland Elementary School are broken up in four teams.  They brainstorm to find their passion in energy source and then do the research to find different ways to make a difference.

"One of our teammates is working on the carbon cycle and two of us are working on the solar cooking oven," said student Arjun Jushi.

"We made a pond outside with bulrush so we can actually test the oil ourselves," described student Kaylee Hodge.

His classroom is being transformed into a working energy research laboratory, where students can build scale models of their cutting-edge creations.

He and his students recently won $1,000 from the Pollination Project, which awards seed grants for people who are making a difference in their communities.

"With the grant money, I'm using it to buy supplies and equipment to build these little prototypes, the kids are building them for us to propose to communities in need and maybe get some people behind us to actually make a difference in the world with it," said Edward Hashey, teacher at Wakeland Elementary.

So is renewable and sustainable energy in the hands of fifth graders?

"These children to me are my hope and I hope that they actually take this and I feel that they are going to go on and do great things," said Hashey.

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