Senator Jeff Brandes launches legislative investigation into FDOT, short yellow lights at red-light camera intersections

5:44 PM, May 20, 2013   |    comments
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ST. PETERSBURG, Florida - The head of Florida's Senate Transportation Committee has informed FDOT he was launching a legislative investigation into red-light cameras (RLC) and short yellow lights, following a 10 News Investigation.


State Sen. Jeff Brandes , R-St. Petersburg, penned the following letter to FDOT Secretary Ananth Prasad on Monday:

Secretary Prasad,

Traffic infraction detectors have been installed on numerous municipal, county, and state roads, and their impact on the daily lives of Floridians has been a point of disagreement in the legislature. Recent information has emerged that alleges impropriety by several municipal and county governments in the implementation of traffic infraction device programs.

In response to these developments I have been actively working with my staff in the Senate Committee on Transportation to investigate this issue. It is my intent to investigate the following:

  • Any changes of timing of yellow-lights at intersections before and after the installation of traffic control devices;
  • Crash data at intersections with traffic control devices installed, specifically with regards to "right-turn on red" violations issued compared to actual crashes;
  • Traffic control device contracts between municipal and county governments and private traffic control device companies.

The potential for adverse impacts on the residents of Florida resulting from the misuse of traffic infraction detectors is a very serious issue that cannot be ignored. I stand committed to addressing any shortfalls in public policy in this regard, and I look forward to continuing our open dialogue and mutual cooperation as we work toward a policy that best protects the safety of Floridians.

Kind regards,
Jeff Brandes

Brandes first promised action last Tuesday, the day after the 10 News investigation aired.  He spoke to Prasad that afternoon, and spent the rest of the week preparing legislative staff to investigate.

Brandes also spoke about the investigation on the FOX Business Network Friday afternoon.  MSNBC has referenced 10 News' investigation numerous times as well.


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