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Manatee Sheriff's detectives ID Jazmin Catano's ex-boyfriend Andres Callazos as person of interest in her murder

5:56 PM, Jun 24, 2013   |    comments
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  • Detectives believe Jazmin Catano was killed Saturday night in her Coral Club Apartment.
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Bradenton, Florida -- Investigators from the Manatee Sheriff's Office have identified a person of interest in the murder of 30-year-old Jazmin Catano.

Detectives said they wanted to talk to Jazmin's former boyfriend 24-year-old Andres Callazos, but by the time they knew they wanted to talk to him it was too late. They discovered Monday, Callazos had flown from Ft. Lauderdale to Columbia, South America on Sunday.

Detectives believe Jazmin was killed Saturday night in her Coral Club Apartment.

She had moved into the ground floor apartment on Friday. Her ex-husband discovered the crime scene around midnight Sunday when he dropped off their son. Deputies say he immediately called law enforcement.

"It was heartbreaking, tragic, all the adjectives you can think to apply don't seem to be enough," said Christine Clyne, a co-worker of Catano's.

Jazmin had been working at the Manatee County's Clerks Office in the criminal division since January and, in that short amount of time, coworkers including Clyne said the 30-year-old made an impression as a hard worker.

"She was very put together, very organized, very bright," Clyne said. "Her supervisor likes to joke as soon as she interviewed Jazmin, Jazmin was the first interview, she said, 'I'm done. I've got the person I want.'"

In just six months, Jazmin made an impression as a friend. Clyne said she was also a proud and loving mother to her two children.

Postings on Jazmin's Facebook page are mostly in Spanish in a posting on June 13 she wrote: "A dream becomes reality...super happy."

Coworkers could not tell say what dream Jazmin referred to in her Facebook posting or if she had been having any relationship troubles.

Investigators are waiting on an autopsy report to determine her cause of death.

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