Ex-Husband of Bradenton murder victim speaks exclusively to 10 News

7:32 AM, Jun 27, 2013   |    comments
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Detectives believe Jazmin Catano was killed Saturday night in her Coral Club Apartment.
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BRADENTON, Florida -- The investigation into the murder of a Bradenton woman and mother of two continues. At the center of the case is Jazmin Catano's ex-boyfriend, Andy Collazos. He's fled to Colombia.

The man who stumbled on the crime scene on Sunday is Jazmin's ex-husband, Jorge Carvalho. They separated in 2011 and divorced last year after a 10-year marriage. Jorge says the two kept their personal lives separate. Even so, he says neither Jazmin nor his children ever complained about her ex-boyfriend mistreating her.

"Jazmin was a great person, a great mom, a great worker," says Jorge. He and Jazmin shared custody of their two children, a 12-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter. While his daughter visited grandparents in New Jersey, Jorge's son spent the weekend with him. By Sunday afternoon, he says there were signs of trouble.

Jorge says, "My son called her a lot. There was no answer. It went straight to voicemail, all day straight to voicemail. That wasn't normal."

Over the weekend, the 30-year-old single mother was moving out of her old Bradenton apartment and into a new one.

At what point did Jorge get worried? He says, "At night when it was time to pick him up, she usually picks him up 8 or 9. No show up ... no show, no call."

Jorge looked for his ex-wife when he arrived at the Coral Club ground level apartment around midnight. The door was locked, so he entered through a rear sliding glass door.

"I didn't see her, but I knew something was wrong. That's why I called 911. I stepped out of the house for my safety. I called and let (deputies) do their job," says Jorge.

Due to the active investigation, Jorge can't describe what he saw inside the apartment, but says at that moment the first person he thought of is 24-year-old Andy Collazos, Jazmin's ex-boyfriend.

"I didn't expect this from him, but as soon as I walked in the apartment I knew it was him," says Jorge.

When asked why, he answers, "A feeling."

Detectives with the Manatee Sheriff's Office named Collazos a "person of interest" in Jazmin's murder. The two lived together for more than a year until they broke up about a month ago and Collazos moved out.

Jorge says there were never any signs she'd be in danger around him, nothing unusual. "No, she never said anything," says Jorge. He says not even his children complained about Collazos.

Investigators tried questioning Collazos, but on Sunday he fled to Colombia, South America. If Collazos is responsible for Jazmin's death, Jorge says, "He's going to pay for it, because she didn't deserve it. Nobody deserved that. He will pay for it."

Jorge and his fianceé will be raising his children. "She loves my kids like her own," he says.

The young father of two says Jazmin will help guide them. "We are going to do the best job. Jazmin knows that. She knows we are the best people to raise those kids. She'll be there watching us forever, she'll be an angel for all of us, for this new family."

Investigators with the Manatee County Sheriff's office say even though Collazos is in Colombia and unavailable for questioning, they are still working the case, finding good evidence, and building a strong case.

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