George Zimmerman trial: State's star witness Rachel Jeantel admits to another lie

5:28 PM, Jun 27, 2013   |    comments
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  • Sanford, Florida -- While under oath Thursday, the state's star witness in the George Zimmerman second degree murder trial, Rachel Jeantel, admitted she left out in earlier interviews several things Trayvon Martin told her over the phone minutes before he was killed.

    When pressed, Jeantel said one reason she omitted some things was to spare the Martin family from additional grief.

    "You didn't tell Ms. Fulton [Trayvon Martin's mom] that the man that was following him was a creepy a-- cracker did you?" defense attorney Don West asked. 

    Jeantel replied, "No."

    "You didn't tell Mr. Crump in the recorded interview that Trayvon Martin described George Zimmerman as a creepy a-- cracker?" West asked. 

    The 19-year-old Jeantel again replied, "No."

    On the stand Wednesday, Jeantel also testified Martin used the N-word to describe Zimmerman.

    But the crux of Thursday's cross examination centered on inconsistencies in Jeantel's testimony. The defense alleged the state walked Jeantel "down a path" to get her to say she heard Martin tell Zimmerman to "get off, get off" him -- a comment she left out in initial interviews with law enforcement officials.

    "I did hear 'get off' sir," Jeantel insisted.

    "But you don't know what it meant because you didn't see any of this correct?" West said.

    "No sir," Jeantel replied.

    During cross examination Jeantel also admitted she couldn't rule out Martin hitting Zimmerman first and that she initially lied to the Martin family about her name.

    "The parents do not know my real name. They only knew me as Diamond."

    On Wednesday, Jeantel admitted on the stand that she lied earlier about both her age and being at the hospital.

    Stetson College of Law Professor Charles H. Rose III says because of Jeantel's inconsistencies it's possible that could lead to the jury being told to disregard her entire testimony.

    Jeantel was excused from the witness stand Thursday afternoon but she could be called back to testify later.

    If convicted of second degree murder, Zimmerman could get life in prison.

    The trial continues Friday morning.

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