Jury hears Geroge Zimmerman's firsthand account of the night he shot Trayvon Martin

7:03 PM, Jul 1, 2013   |    comments
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Video: Zimmerman's tapes from night of shooting played in court


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  • Sanford, FL -- George Zimmerman didn't take the stand Monday, but jurors hearing the neighborhood watch volunteer's murder case still got to hear from the 29-year-old as the state played multiple interviews Zimmerman did with police after he shot Trayvon Martin.

    During one interview conducted the night of the shooting, Zimmerman explained he thought Martin looked suspicious, in part because the teen was "leisurely" walking in the rain.

    After calling a non-emergency police phone number to report the boy, Zimmerman says Martin made eye contact with him.

    "Then all of a sudden I see him circling my car and then he goes back into the darkness," Zimmerman tells the Sanford Police investigator.

    Zimmerman says he eventually got out of his car to look for a street sign to give police a better location and to see where Martin went. He says that's when Martin appeared again and sucker punched him.

    "He jumped out from the bushes and said; 'What the (expletive) you're problem homie?' And I got my cell phone to call 911 this time and I said, 'Hey man, I don't have a problem', and he says, 'No, now you have a problem' and he punched me in the nose."

    Zimmerman says he then fell down and Martin continued punching him to the point where he had trouble breathing. He says Martin was pounding the back of his head on the sidewalk. Eventually, Zimmerman says, he was able to slide off the concrete and onto the grass where the confrontation turned deadly.

    "When I slid my jacket and my shirt came up and when he said, 'You're gonna die tonight', I felt his hand go down on my side and I thought he was going for my firearm, so I grabbed it immediately and as he banged my head again, I pulled out my firearm and shot him."

    Jurors on Monday also watched a re-enactment video Zimmerman made with police the day after the deadly shooting.

    Earlier in the day, an FBI audio expert testified it's scientifically impossible to tell who is screaming in the background of neighbors' 911 calls. Dr. Hirotaka Nakasone testified there is not enough audio where no other voices are overlapping the screams to make a determination.  

    Monday marked the sixth day of testimony in Zimmerman's second degree murder trial. If convicted, he could be sentenced to life in prison.

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