Manatee County Animal Services' shelter overcrowded, issues list of dogs in danger of being euthanized

7:20 PM, Jul 3, 2013   |    comments
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Manatee County, Florida - A Bay area animal shelter is overcrowded, leaving the shelter with no choice but to put out a list of dogs that are in danger of being euthanized.

Manatee County Animal Services' goal is to be a no kill shelter, but the facility is overcrowded by more than 50 dogs. 

If they're not adopted by Friday, these dogs will likely be put down.

"We're in a crisis mode now," says Ron Koper, Jr. Interim Director of Manatee County's Public Safety Department. "Nobody likes the idea to euthanize an animal because you can't find a home for them."

The shelter has enough room for 90 dogs. Koper says it has 140 with about 15 dogs arriving each day. Many are strays and others are abandoned by their owners. 

Koper says, "This is a shelter. It is not a home, it's a shelter."

In 2011, Manatee County Animal Services committed to becoming a no kill shelter. Since then shelter officials say "save rates" have jumped from 56% on average two years ago to 84% so far this year.

"Every day shelters get dogs out and dogs come in. Part of the 'no kill' is getting dogs adopted and that's a wonderful thing, but part of it is educating the public to get dogs spayed and neutered," says Debra Starr, a shelter volunteer.

Shelter officials say dogs that make it on the Save List have one or all of the following: they are dogs with health issues that are many times treatable, have been at the shelter for a couple of months, or have poor disposition or some behavioral issues that need work.

A new Priority to Save List of dogs goes out on Wednesday and it's expected to be a long one, with 50-60 dogs. The dogs will have one week to get adopted. If not, shelter officials say they will likely be euthanized to make room for more animals. 

Each week the shelter will put out a new Save List until the shelter is within capacity.

To see all of the shelter's animals go to  and click on "lost and found." Each animal adopted helps save another. This list is updated every Wednesday. 

The adoption fee is $80, but shelter officials say they can work with a pet owner who's adopting one of the dogs on the list.

Priority Save List 7/13/2013 below

The Save List can be found on the Manatee County Animal Services' Facebook page.

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