State Attorney calls justice assoc. meeting good opp for 'K9 training exercise'

11:00 PM, Sep 6, 2013   |    comments
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Polk County, Florida-- First there were allegations the Polk County Sheriff's office was spying on a Winter Haven justice association. Now, the 10 News investigators have learned an assistant state attorney in Polk suggested the Winter Haven Police conduct a K-9 exercise at the justice association's next meeting.

Pastor Clayton Cowart of the Church of God the Bible and the founder of the Poor and Minority Justice Association has been lashing out at Polk Sheriff Grady Judd after the sheriff's office admitted to placing undercover officers at his meetings.

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Pastor Cowart says the sheriff's office, "was concerned about [their] agenda", and he thinks "it looks like an opportunity for the Sheriff over there to profile groups that are involved in social and economic justice..." 

And since last week's 10 News investigation revealed the information about the undercover deputies, the group is outraged because the assistant state attorney sent an email to the Winter Haven Police department saying their next meeting would be "a good opportunity for a K-9 training exercise".

Read the full email here

State attorney Jerry Hill went and apologized to the group Friday for the latest move.

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