Bondi home in Tampa for fundraiser, family forced to await killer's execution

6:58 PM, Sep 10, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, FL -- Marshall Lee Gore, 50, was supposed to die from lethal injection for the 1988 murder of a Miami woman Tuesday.

Instead, Gore has received a three week reprieve so that some of the state's most powerful politicians can hold a re-election campaign fundraiser for Attorney General Pam Bondi at her home in South Tampa Tuesday night.

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The lack of sensitivity is upsetting for the victim's family. They've waited more than two decades for justice to be done and have been through at least two other delays before.

But in the past, those stays of execution were based on court rulings.

This time, though, it's because Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, who has ironically fought to speed up the carrying-out of executions in Florida - asked that Marshall Lee Gore's execution be delayed. All so that she could hold a re-election fundraising party at her home in South Tampa.

"It's a shame that they did this," said Phyllis Novick.

Now 86, Novick has waited 25 years to see the man who murdered her daughter Robyn in 1988, executed. Now she'll have to wait at least 20 days more.

"You know that had nothing to do with what they were supposed to do with him," she said from her home in Ohio.

"I just think what's been going on has been just terrible for us," she said, "It was just awful for everybody."

First it was the two court rulings, but now Gore's intended date with death conflicted with Bondi's political fundraiser, so she asked Gov. Rick Scott to delay the execution, which Scott did.

"I think they think about what they're doing. You know, that's all they care about in this day and age," said Novick.

Bondi released a statement admitting it was mistake, and that she should never have requested the date change.

Governor Scott says he wasn't aware of the reason at the time.

"When another cabinet member asks for something we try to work with them," he said.

Today, speaking in the Bay Area, House Speaker Will Weatherford agreed it was an error in judgment.

"And she owned up to that and we're moving forward," said Weatherford.

But moving forward isn't something Phyllis Novick will never have the luxury of. It doesn't matter, she says, whether people are sorry.

"What good is it? What good is the apology? You know, our daughter's gone," she said.

Novick has waited this long. She'll wait, she says, a few days more. But Robyn's only sister, Pamela, called the delay a "shame" and a "farce".

For two and a half decades they've waited to see justice done.

"And then to do this at the 11th hour? All of this? It's just not right. Period," said Pamela, "I'm just speechless. It's not just the fundraiser. This has happened two times prior.

Asked what she would say to Bondi, Pamela paused, then answered, "I don't have anything to say to her."

Bondi returned to Tampa from Tallahassee this afernoon. Her car drove right past our 10 News crew, declining any further comment.

Marshall Lee Gore's execution has been re-scheduled for October 1st.

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