Hillsborough County Commissioner Les Miller quits Public Transportation Board

11:57 AM, Sep 12, 2013   |    comments
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TAMPA, Florida - Hillsborough County Commissioner Les Miller has resigned from the Public Transportation Commission board.

Two weeks ago the executive director resigned instead of being fired, and Miller called it quits in the middle of a meeting Wednesday morning after arguing with fellow Commissioner Victor Crist.

At the meeting the two got into an argument over a new agenda that Miller says Crist sprung on other board members. To which Crist countered that the Chair sets the agenda and the board approves it.

That angered Miller who said, "Let's stop playing games here now! First of all, you said there was going to be an approval of an agenda and there was not an agenda."

When Crist tried to interrupt, Miller reminded him, "I have the floor".

Miller added, "There was no agenda given to us, l [we] received this agenda this morning."

Then Crist responded, "At this point, I'm looking at this as being purely obstruction."

That eventually caused Miller to announce, "I'm resigning from the PTC immediately and I will send a letter to Mr. Hagen and he can determine who will take over at that particular time."

With that, Miller got up and left the meeting.

He told the 10 News Investigators he has too many other things to do than sit in a meeting and be on a board where as he put it, "Commissioner Crist acts like a dictator".

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