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Former Bucs cheerleader, Bobbie Lee Shay, takes aim at "pink-washing"

10:37 PM, Oct 4, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida-- A stunning picture shows Bobbie Shay Lee when she was a Tampa Bay Buccaneer cheerleader back in 1998. 

A much different picture shows Bobbie in 2011- thirteen years after breast cancer.

The photo, and other graphic ones like it, are part of a petition she has started on called UNDER RECONSTRUCTION -- an effort to push companies who raise money for breast cancer to help women beyond just mastectomies.

"In this country, they don't consider reconstruction a life sustaining medical treatment. It's not medically necessary," said Lee.

Bobbie wants to change that -- saying doctors, insurance companies and the corporations that collect donations for breast cancer need to work together to make reconstruction part of cancer treatment.

"For someone who doesn't have insurance, you're looking at paying cash, and in my case, the very first physician I saw wouldn't show up at the operating facility until he was paid in full," says Lee.

On the website Jezebel, blogger Erin Gloria Ryan accuses the NFL and other organizations of pink-washing -- using the pink campaign to line their pockets while dishing out minute amounts of money for breast cancer. Ginger Reichl, who owns Pinstripe Marketing, says some companies are parasitic.

"The companies that are just producing pink products and allowing consumers to come to their own conclusions are probably pocketing most of that," says Reichl.

The website is said to be the nation's largest independent charity evaluator. It's known for providing donors with reassurance that they're contributing to legitimate causes through transparency and accountability. 

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