Strange smoke ring spotted in Pinellas Co.

6:43 AM, Oct 18, 2013   |    comments
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Pinellas County, Florida -- WTSP 10 News received multiple reports and images of a strange smoke ring hovering in the sky in northern Pinellas County Thursday night. 

PICS: More smoke ring photos 

Viewers sent in pictures from Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, and Clearwater. We reached out to the National Weather Service, Duke Energy and Pinellas County emergency dispatchers, and no one could explain the mysterious ring.

Krzysztof Humienny of Clearwater described it as a "thin ring-shaped tornado, just spinning sideways in a joined circle [and] slowly moving across the sky."

It remained in sight for just a short time, and then it was gone. 

Update: Pinellas smoke ring mystery solved

"From when I saw it, it lasted a few minutes and then faded away like a cloud. I don't know what it was or how it started," Humienny explained.

Did you snap a picture of the smoke ring too? Do you think you know what caused it? Share your photos and comments with us on the WTSP 10 News Facebook page!

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