Hernando man Daniel Castrillon-Oreggo shoots daughter and son, kills himself

12:23 PM, Oct 28, 2013   |    comments
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Spring Hill, Florida -- A father shot and killed his 8-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son before turning the gun on himself, deputies said.

Neighbors on the quiet block where the family lived said Daniel Castrillon-Oregga showed over and over he was a great, loving father. 

One neighbor told 10 News he was just talking with Castrillon about his kids' future plans for school on Friday, likely only hours before Castrillon shot and killed them as they slept.

"My heart just dropped, like I didn't -- it made me sick," said Kayla Hundley, who lives a few doors down on Nodding Shade Drive in Spring Hill.

"They always looked so happy-family. I never thought anything like that would have happened."

The vision Hundley shared with her neighbors -- of this as a serene, happy home -- ended, horribly, with three gunshots sometime this weekend.

"It may have occurred either Friday night or Saturday night," Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis said.

Castrillon shot and killed 7-year-old Sebastian in his bed as he slept, Nienhuis said. Then 8-year-old Susana, as she lay in bed.

Finally, Castrillon shot himself.

Castrillon and the children's mother, Luz Jimenez, were in the middle of a seemingly peaceful divorce until Friday, when Castrillon, "confronted his wife at work," Nienhuis said.

"An argument ensued. And for a short period of time, apparently it got a little heated, but he did calm down and took the children for the weekend."

Nienhuis says the kids didn't show up at a birthday party Saturday, but at that point their mother wasn't really worried.

When she still couldn't reach them Sunday night, she had deputies enter the home, where they made the awful discovery.

Detectives found a note that Castrillon left behind. Nienhuis says it is further evidence this was a planned murder-suicide. 

Counselors and administrators are on hand at Chocachatti Elementary School, where both Sebastian and Susana went, to help their friends and teachers cope.

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