Road worker Chiquita Reed hospitalized after struck by car

7:08 PM, Oct 31, 2013   |    comments
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Chiquita Reed (family photo)

Clearwater, Florida -- A construction worker is in serious condition after being hit by a vehicle late Wednesday evening.

25-year-old Chiquita Reed was just doing her job when a car traveled through a barricaded construction zone and hit her.

Reed has a broken jaw, leg, rib and shoulder and is waiting to undergo surgery later this evening.

Chiquita's family sits outside her Tampa home, praying for a quick recovery.

"I was upset, scared and nervous. I didn't know about her condition," says Padricia Causey, Chiquita's aunt.

Padricia says Chiquita has been working construction for just a couple of months and couldn't believe the news when she heard her niece had been hit by a car while at work.

"I'm hoping she's OK."

Chiquita was working construction along Belcher Road in Clearwater when the accident happened.

"Unfortunately they happen all the time," says John McShaffrey with Interstate Construction.

McShaffrey says too many accidents involving car versus worker are taking place. "They shouldn't have to concentrate on safety but they do."

And he's ready for it to stop.

"Don't be distracted through a construction zone. Put down your food and pay attention to driving and be very vigilant."

Chiquita's family is pleading for drivers to start paying attention.

"Slow down, no matter if you're going to eat or whatever just slow down," says Mattie Diaz, Chiquita's grandmother.

A piece of equipment that Reed was working on was struck by the car as well. Her family credits that machine for saving her life.

As for the driver that hit her, he was charged with careless driving.

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