Americans VS lost vacation days

4:55 AM, Nov 20, 2013   |    comments
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(CNN) - We're at work today and most Americans are too even if they have the chance to take a day off.

In fact, a new survey says the average worker in this country failed to take four days away from work that they had earned.

The numbers come from Expedia is a travel site--so it has a vested interest in looking at how much time people vacation. It's been doing this survey for thirteen years and here's what it found this year:  The four days Americans didn't vacation was twice as high as the two extra days they worked the year before.

So why do we do it?

According to expedia, one in four americans say they like to keep their days piled up, a bit like a savings account, to be ready for trips they could take in the future.

  • 22%  says it's just difficult to schedule vacations
  • 18% prefer getting cash for unused days
  • 16% say they may not be able to afford a vacation

But listen to this number, 8% of people surveyed say it's their own fault. They say they worry that if they're not at work, that absence will work against them.  Expedia says if every employed American didn't take four vacation days last year it would be a collective loss of over half a billion days that could have been spent away from work.

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