Deputy makes dramatic calls to dispatch during I-4 Pileup

2:51 AM, Jan 12, 2008   |    comments
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Bartow, Florida - Investigators have released the dispatch radio calls from the Polk County Sheriff's Deputy who found himself in the middle of Wednesday 70 vehicle pileup on Interstate 4 in Polk County.

As cars and trucks exploded around him, Deputy Turner was able to pull some victims to safety.

In all, 4 people were killed in early Wednesday morning when the vehicles collided in extremely foggy conditions.

Here are transcripts of Deputy Jack Turner's radio calls to the dispatcher;

"I still hear cars hitting. We need to get this eastbound shutdown. Now! There's approximately, probably 20, 25 cars here and my car has been hit several times. I can't see anything."

"All I hear is just people constantly hitting each other. Right now, I'm in front of my vehicle standing by, I don't want to get struck by an oncoming vehicle."

" All available units respond from the, ah, east to shutdown traffic. We got probably several hundred vehicles blocking the road, you can't even get to the scene."

"I'm having vehicles exploding all around me at this time."

Tampa Bay's 10 News

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