Beautiful home, but would you live here?

BATH, Ohio -- Most folks in Summit County and Northeast Ohio know the history of Jeffrey Dahmer. Many are unaware that he grew up in Bath. While he may be gone, the stories still persist.

His childhood home and the place where he murdered his first victim in 1978 is again for sale. While this house has a certain stigma to it, Realtor Rich Lubinski of Stouffer Reality Inc. thinks that selling this house, while tough, isn't impossible.

The asking price? $295,000.

Lubinski reminds people that "this house never killed anyone."

He talks about the market -- how it is a seller's market, and one of the main reasons he took on this house.

While there is no evidence of what happened in 1978, the house still draws a lot of attention.

Two weeks ago a film crew from Japan came and did a story on who lived at that house.

Proof positive that this house, built in the 1950s, still creates a lot of buzz.

The house, which is located at 4480 West Bath Road, is considered mid-century modern, and there is a huge market for this. Bath is a very desirable area, so Lubinski thinks this house won't last long.

If you want to tour the house, you are out of luck. No tours are being given. Lubinski as says: "This is not a museum."

For those who are serious about buying this house, bring your acceptance letter and prepare to enjoy the beautiful views.


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