Boy's handwritten note inspires troops

Shreveport, Louisiana (KTBS/CNN) -- The 438th Air Expeditionary Wing, stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan, acts as air advisors to support and train the Afghan Air Force. They're under attacks and threats from insurgents who don't want to see them succeed, so the support from folks back in the U.S. means so much.

Cards and letters, most from school children, are posted all around the base.

Among a sea of letters, one stood out. Taped right above the handwashing station, it had a simple, four-word message: "Hope you make it. Gavin."

The boy's unintended humor about the deadly danger of their mission, spread like wildfire with the airmen at the base.

Headed out on a mission? Hope you make it.

It became so popular, that a Gavin Club started. The advisors wanted to meet Gavin, so the search for the honest little boy began.

"I got this email that was like, "We just really want to find Gavin because it has brought us so much joy on our deployment." So, they said, 'Can you help us find Gavin?' And we did," said Shreveport Times reporter Maya Lau.

The Shreveport Times published their Who's Gavin Story on a busy workday.

"You need to stop what you are doing and look at this paper. This is our Gavin," said Gavin's mom Ashley Brint.

A world away in Afghanistan, the airmen started to get good news: Stay tuned, we may have found Gavin.

One day is all it took for Gavin's teacher to remember the Sunday school assignment that she almost didn't send.

"So we have to go through every single card and every single letter. And one that came across was "Hope you make it," and I wondered if that was too blunt and if the troops would take it in the right way," said teacher Kasie Maineiro.

When the story hit the KTBS newsroom, they reached out to Gavin's mom to make the overseas meeting between him and airmen possible.

See what happened below.

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