Fighter, producer sentenced in SheFights trial

Clearwater, Florida -- A St. Petersburg man who produced videos of scantily-clad women beating up homeless men has received a seven-year prison sentence.

That man, along with a woman who participated in the fights, were convicted of abusing a mentally disabled person and posting it on the website, a fetish website about women beating men.

61-year-old Jeffrey Williams, the website operator, paid men to be beaten up by a woman on video. James Coyer, who is mentally disabled, testified he got $20 for a 10-minute beating.

Photo Gallery:Pictures of a "beatdown" (warning: graphic content)

He signed a waiver, but testified he didn't understand all the big words. The woman who beat the man, Zuzu Varga, was sentenced to more than three years in prison, while Williams got the seven-year sentence.

Williams had produced about 1,000 similar videos and sold them to sadomasochism aficionados. He paid the homeless men $50 to be beaten and the women $300 to administer it.

Williams and Vargo are awaiting trial for the alleged beating of another disabled man.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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