Neighbor helps capture burglary suspects

Winter Haven, Florida -- On Friday afternoon a neighbor acting on a hunch tracked down two burlgary suspects.

Around 4:30 p.m. on Friday, a man returned to his home on College Grove in Winter Haven to find a window frame pried open. He also discovered three firearms and jewelry missing from the home.

His neighbor, Maxie Hunter, had seen a red 2-door Chevy Cobalt backed into the driveway at approximately 4:00 p.m. while the homeowner was away.

Acting on a hunch, Hunter decided to follow the vehicle from the area and obtained their tag number. He followed them to an abandoned parking lot where the stop due to a flat tire. Hunter asked if he could help but also said he couldn't stay long. He left her jack with the suspects and said if they left it in the bushes when they were done, he would retrieve it later.

Hunter immediately went back to his home and discovered the neighbor had returned and told him of the burglary and called the police. Realizing his hunch was correct, Hunter went back to the PSC parking lot, but the suspects were gone. They had left the jack as requested, but also left a package with a mailing label containing a name and address in the parking lot.

Hunter arrived back home and told Police of the incident where the package was found in the parking lot where the suspect vehicle had been. He also provided the tag number, suspect and vehicle descriptions.


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