Questions remain after girl's murder

Temple Terrace, Florida -- Still no arrest in the murder of nine-year-old Felecia Williams. Eboni Wiley, 23, is the family friend who was reportedly the last person to see Felecia alive at the Doral Oaks Apartment complex.

Days after Felecia's lifeless body was pulled out of the Courtney Campbell Causeway, there are still a lot of questions about why Eboni took Felecia to the apartment.

Felecia's family says the girl wasn't familiar with anyone in the complex and wouldn't have wandered away. But a neighbor says he'd seen Felecia at the apartment complex on several occasions playing with other children.

When Cecil Livingston, a resident of Doral Oaks, saw Felecia's Williams' picture on the news he remembered her instantly and can't believe a child so full of life would wind up discovered floating nude in the Courtney Campbell Causeway.

"It wasn't right. She shouldn't have had to live her last hours, days, whatever it was like that," he says.

Livingston showed 10 News where he saw Felecia play with other kids inside the complex. He says despite a nearby playground, a dirt field at the complex was a favorite spot for children.

"Soccer, football, freeze tag, jump rope, dancing -- whatever, you know," he adds.

Wiley has told Temple Terrace police she brought Felecia to the complex on Friday night to apartment number 721. No one answered the door when we knocked several times.

Wiley, a King High School graduate, says she took a shower there and left Felecia watching cartoons. She says when she went to check on Felecia, the girl was gone. Instead of calling Felecia's family or 911, she says she searched for her and only called her family hours later when she couldn't locate her.

Livingston remembers the confusion he says when police responded.

"Everybody was like, 'we know a girl is missing, but what does she have on, what does she look like,' and we couldn't get that information until later later on that night."

That's because police say Wiley lied to investigators but they won't say what she lied about. They arrested her and she bonded out.

Meanwhile, we're learning two years ago Wiley, who is a housekeeper at an assisted living facility, contacted the Hillsborough County Sheriff's office saying she was depressed, hallucinating, and that Satan was quote: "trapping her mind". She was taken to a mental health facility and referred to a mental health counselor.

Felecia's family has told 10 News several times that Felecia wasn't familiar with the apartment complex and didn't know anyone there, but now there's a question over whether she may have been there before and may have felt comfortable going outside to play.

Temple Terrace police won't comment on it and they won't tell us who lives in the apartment complex.

Josh Arkliss says he's seen several people going in and out of apartment number 271 and he believes they're all family members. Several neighbors including Arkliss say the people who live in the apartment haven't lived there long,

In the meantime, there's a $3,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. You can call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-873- TIPS. You don't have to reveal your identity in order to claim the reward.

10 News' coverage on Felecia's murder...


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