Teens try to carjack good Samaritan

Gibsonton, Florida -- It was a dramatic scene Thursday afternoon in a wooded area off Bull Frog Creek Road in Gibsonton. A teen is seen running out of the woods, being taken down by sheriff's deputies.

Less than 100 yards away, a group of Little League kids and parents cheer.

"All of us parents were explaining the good guys were waiting to get the bad guys so when they did they started cheering which was awesome!" cried one parent Stacey Self.

What led to the cheers began with a wild ride in a stolen car with two teenagers inside who then crashed it a half-mile north of Big Bend Road. That's when two good Samaritans, including Melissa Zarouk, arrived on the scene.

"I pulled my car over and got my first aid kit," she recalled.

While the other witness called 911, the kindergarten teacher and mom of two, saw one teen was hurt and thought he needed help. Her worry was short lived, however, when he went into her car, grabbed her phone, and tried to drive off.

"I thought he was in shock, and getting help for his friend -- that he was badly hurt," she said.

Not so fast.

"When he started to speak, I could smell the alcohol on his breath and knew it was something else."

All the while, Melissa's 2-year-old was in the backseat.

"[The teen] grabbed my arm a couple of times, he grabbed me by the neck once. At that point, I grabbed my phone and called 911."

Law enforcement arrived shortly after, K9 units in tow to scour the woods. And about an hour later, found the driver. Turns out, he has a long list of priors, and tonight, is charged with leaving the scene of a crash, grand theft auto, carjacking, felony battery and driving with a suspended license.

There was relief for the Little League moms and dads.

"The good guys win in the end I guess" laughs Self.

And as for Melissa, who remained unexpectedly calm while recalling her ordeal?

"Everything's fine, the day is over, I need a shower, but everything else, is good!"

In keeping with our 10 News Crime Guidelines, we will not be naming the teens involved in this incident.


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