Women in forensics talk about love of the job

Pasco County, Florida -- Forensic investigations isn't what is used to be.

"It's not a man's field anymore," says Denice Weigand, who has been with the Pasco Sheriff's Office for 28 years, and doing forensic investigations for the last 18.

"Women were always home, they were changing dirty diapers, cleaning up vomit after their children. So that was kind of normal to be in the yuck and kind of nasty stuff. That's just what a lot of this job is," Weigand explains.

A job Nancy Sulinski has been doing for eight years now. Photography, videography, taking sketches -- whatever it takes to document, collect and preserve a crime scene.

Sulinski says, "Every day is an adventure you never know what we're going to get into."

Something as simple as a burglary or as horrible as a homicide. These 14 female members of the Pasco Forensics Unit are dedicated to their profession and have some ideas why women are drawn to forensics.

"I think CSI shows on television have really opened the door and opened people's eyes as far as what we do," says Sulinski.

"They have watched a lot of television. Television actually brought this field into the limelight," said Weigand.

A field that for these ladies is both exciting and rewarding.

"I absolutely love this job! Every day I come to work and I'm excited to come to work," Sulinski says.

Weigand says, "It's satisfying."

Now guys if you think you have what it takes to work in the Pasco County Forensics Unit you're going to have to wait. They just closed the advertisement on their current open position and it could be a long time before any of these ladies call it quits.


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