Did you catch a glimpse of the 'Strawberry' Moon?

(USATODAY.com) - "Jason meets the werewolf" could be the name of the movie they'd make about Friday evening.

Skywatchers got a special treat as a full moon occurred on a Friday the 13th, something that hasn't happened in June since 1919, according to universetoday.com.

Known as both the 'Strawberry" moon as well as the "Honey" moon, the actual full moon occurred very early Friday morning, but was still nearly full when it rose in the east Friday evening.

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The Baltimore Sun reports that the "strawberry" name comes from the fact that it's strawberry season, and Algonquin Native American tribes knew this was the time of year to gather them, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac.

It's also known as the "Honey Moon" since it can have a slightly golden tint, EarthSky.org reports.

This is the first time since Oct. 13, 2000, that a full moon has occurred on a Friday the 13th of any month, and the last time it will happen until Oct. 13, 2049.


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