Dog jumped from balcony; attacked and killed another dog

AURORA, CO. -- Police are still looking for a dog they say jumped from a second floor balcony, attacking and killing a woman's small dog.

It happened Wednesday evening near the 1200 block of Sable Blvd. Juan Martinez says his daughter, Maria, was walking their Shih Tzu just a few yards away from their home. Witnesses told police they saw a dog jump from a second floor balcony to attack the other dog.

"You can definitely tell when an animal is crying, so when I open my door I see a dog running around with something white in its mouth and it was her little dog. It was just a dog crying for its life," neighbor Maxine Vistan said.

Witnesses say they saw the dog shaking the Shih Tzu in its mouth and running around the yard. Neighbors say they tried to yell for the dog to stop and they even hit it with a broom, but nothing worked.

A police report says the dog finally dropped the Shih Tzu from its mouth when its owner, identified as Sean Moore, came outside. Witnesses say the owner ran off with the dog. When police caught up with Moore to interview him, they say he told them he was watching the dog for his cousin and it didn't belong to him. He also refused to divulge the name of his cousin and where the dog was.

Moore was charged with keeping a vicious or dangerous animal.

Aurora Police are working with Animal Control agents.

While witnesses say the attack dog was a pit bull, police can't confirm the breed until they locate the dog.


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