A look at the redesigned SAT

St. Petersburg, Florida -- The SAT is in the process of being redesigned and some of the changes include opting out of a writing portion of the test.

Judy Adorno, executive director of St. Pete's Sylvan Learning Center, says the redesigned SAT will benefit students.

"I think it will be a better measure of what they really know," said Adorno.

While the current SAT tests students on critical reading, writing, math and includes an essay portion. The new SAT will also test reading, writing and language, and math, but the essay portion will be optional.

"If you're a really good writer, it's likely to help. If not, you probably shouldn't take that part of the test," said Adorno.

If students do choose to write an essay, that part will be taken at end of the testing time.

With the new test they will have 50 minutes to complete the essay instead of 25, which will be scored separately. Currently, the essay is applied to the writing score.

That's not the only scoring change, though. The range for the current test is from a minimum score of 600 to a max of 2400. Under the new testing guidelines, the range will be 400 at the low and 1600 for a perfect score.

In the new test, points will not be deducted for wrong answers. Another change is that instead of just selecting an answer, you will have to prove how you got it.

Adorno explained that just because the test will look different that doesn't necessarily change the way you prepare for it.

"Students should do what they always should do, and that's really pay attention to their core subjects in school," Adorno.

Test developers are still working on the SAT, the changes will not go into effect until the Spring of 2016.


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