Drama teacher accused of duct taping student

Lakeland, Florida -- More drama, and a possible termination, for a Lakeland drama teacher accused of duct taping a six-year-old's hands together.

Tracy Sanders, a parent of a former student at Rochelle School of the Arts, is simply shocked.

"I was like…oh my GOSH! I was telling someone about it the other day and when I heard [the new news today] I said, 'that's ridiculous!' "

Kim Adams, has been with the school since 2003, and has been disciplined before.

After combing through personnel files and digging deeper, 10 News learned the Polk County School District took action in 2012 for incidents involving spraying a child with air freshener, and using "unreasonable force" on a student. Other school officials have said she "embarrassed students" and was "insubordinate."

10 News tried to reach out to Adams at her Mulberry home, but there was no answer at the door.

As for Sanders she says enough is enough, and hopes the most recent suspension will end in serious consequences.

"She shouldn't be allowed to be near children anymore, because she doesn't know how to deal with them."

Based on what happened at Rochelle School of the Arts, the superintendent tells us a recommendation for termination has been made and they're reappraising how teacher discipline is handled throughout the district.


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