Help fill a Teacher's Toolbox

Tampa, FL – In school classrooms, story time always seems to be a favorite. It certainly was last spring when 10 News visited West Shore Elementary. Reading Coach Andy Leopardi had the kids' attention right from the start.

"What do you think the story's going to be about?" he asked the students, pointing at the illustration on the book's front cover.

Story time is a great way for kids to learn, but there's one story going on in Bay area classrooms that isn't so fun... at least for the teachers. Most instructors like Leopardi spend hundreds of dollars of their own money each year on school supplies.

"Huge ones would be the paper products; like paper for activities or printer paper, but then we have things like tissues and paper towels and pencils... it seems like it never ends," he says.

Teaching is a calling and just like the ABC's on the wall, digging into their own pockets for supplies is now pretty much expected. Leopardi shrugs, "It's on us as teachers to fill in the gaps.

But that doesn't make it right and that doesn't make it easy.

However, you can re-write this classroom story by helping fill a Teacher's Toolbox.

10 News and Walgreens are partnering to collect school supplies for teachers. Just buy some extra items at your local Walgreens store and donate them at the register. Together, everyone can make sure this classroom story has a happy ending.

10 News will be distributing school supplies to 10 elementary schools. We'll be targeting schools in low-income neighborhoods where teachers tend to need the most help.

Florida Print Solutions of St. Petersburg is also a partner in this effort.


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