Parents outraged by students' test secrecy

St. Petersburg, Florida -- "That right there. My test score may be invalidated."

A "sign on the dotted line" affidavit has infuriated parents, and it's the hot topic on the Shore Acres Elementary Parents Facebook page.

Students came home and told their parents they weren't allowed to discuss the FSA test, and had to sign a form forbidding them from discussing the FSA test.

Linda Nelson's son was one of them.

"I'm going to admit I was really upset by it because I was literally clawing it out of him, and I was like, 'no, you can tell me, your parent,'" said Linda Nelson.

We asked Pinellas County Schools why students are being forced to sign.

"They are prohibiting students from talking about specific items or passages in that exam and that is to prevent any student from having an unfair advantage they could get from another student before they take their exam," said Pinellas County School spokesperson Lisa Wolf.

And this isn't new. Students had to sign a similar affidavit when taking the FCAT. It's a state mandate, because in the age of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It's an effort to stop "cyber-cheating."

"In theory, they could take a photo of a specific question and then share it on social media," said Wolf.

"I don't think you want somebody in authority saying, 'Now don't you tell anybody,' you see what I'm getting at? I'm okay, I just want it reworded," said Nelson.

Clearly, there's been a misunderstanding, but the truth is children CAN talk their parents about the test.


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