Suspension lifted for Texas transgender teacher

LUMBERTON, Texas (KHOU/KFDM) -- It looks like a transgender teacher who was recently suspended will be allowed to return to work in the Lumberton Independent School District.

Some parents complained that 52-year-old Laura Klug was a distraction.

Klug wrote on Facebook that the school board has reinstated her, but the superintendent said that no official decision has been made. Klug says school officials asked her not to come back right away to avoid any distraction during student STAAR testing, but can resume teaching after things quiet down.

Several people spoke on Klug's behalf Thursday night at a school board meeting.

"All hard working people, including transgender people should have the chance to earn a living and provide for themselves and their families," Jammie Marcante,l a supporter said.

"Each parent has the individual liberty, individual rights to determine at what age it is appropriate for their children to be exposed to certain things," one concerned parent said.

One after another, people came up asking the board to think very hard about Klug's employment status with the district.

"Is there any rational basis for her termination?" Christopher Keen, another Klug supporter asked.

The number of people in support of Klug seemed to outweigh those against her, but make no mistake, feelings were high on both sides.

Klug says she understands the concerns but adds she's always maintained her privacy.

"If this hadn't ever been brought out, this topic would never had been a topic of discussion for them and their 10-year-olds," Klug says.


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