UNF students rally for change with in-state tuition

TALLAHASSEE, Florida -- Students from the University of North Florida joined lawmakers Wednesday to rally for higher education and changes in tuition.

UNF Student Body President Carlo Fassi led the rally. He said they lobbied for three major topics:

  • The G.I. Bill which he says grants in-state tuition to all veterans;
  • In-state tuition for qualified undocumented student, and;
  • A tax that would benefit infrastructures and buildings on Florida's public universities.

As for undocumented students, he says they add to the economy just like every other citizen and believes they should benefit from lower tuition as well.

"They contribute to Florida's tax system. To say that they would leach on the Florida taxpayer money because they don't necessarily contribute, is simply not supported by the facts," Fassi said.

Last week, the House version of the bill passed on the floor. The Senate version is still up for committee hearings.

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